Valentine's Night for you & your sweetheart

Dinner at Luigi's eat anytime 5-6pm Movie at 7pm

Dinner at Luigi's eat anytime 5-6pm Movie at 7pm

Dinner at Luigi's eat anytime 5-6pm Movie at 7pmDinner at Luigi's eat anytime 5-6pm Movie at 7pmDinner at Luigi's eat anytime 5-6pm Movie at 7pm

Includes Select Menu+ Dessert+Movie +popcorn+ Fount drink+A Rose for  Sweetheart $49.95


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Sonic The Hedgehog

Friday 1:00,3:00,5:00,7:00

Saturday 1:00,3:00,5:00,7:00

 Sunday 1:00,3:00,5:00,7:00

 Wed 1:00,3:00,5:00,7:00

Thursday 1:00,3:00,5:00,7:00

Playing Now through 2-20-20

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Bad Boys for Life

Friday 1:00,4:45,7:00

Saturday 1:00,4:45,7:00

Sunday 1:00,4:45,7:00

Wed 1:00,4:45,7:00

Thursday 1:00,4:45,7:00

Playing Now through 2-20-20    

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Birds of Prey


Starts 2-21-20



Starts 2-28-20

the CALL of the WILD


Start 3-6-20



Starts 3-6-20

Event Rentals We offer packages for every type of event.

Family Gathering


Watch your family home movies or movie of your choice.

Starting at $95.00 an hour



We offer theater of your choice ,  seating of 90 to 125 per theater

Have your name in lights on our Marquee

Price is dependent on time and length of event, start at $650.

Business Training events


We can help you connect with your team or employees thru big screen movies that are tailered to create ,motivate and instill loyalty.

Contact us for Pricing



Use our state of the art projection and sound systems to create the perfect presentation on a 25' screen. use your powerpoint or any other multi-media format to present to audiences of up to 125

Plaza1907 Museum Tours


Take your group thru the rates are available

City Wide TOURS


We have tour packages of historic locations including the Railroad museum can include lunch or dinner or both for your group .

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Plaza 1907 209 S Main Ottawa,KS 66067

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Fall Theater Hours


By Appointment


By Appointment


11:00 am – 09:30 pm


11:00 am – 09:30 pm


11:00 am – 09:30 pm


11:00 am – 09:30 pm


11:00 am – 09:30 pm

Rent one Screen or the entire theater. call us at 785-242-5555

About Us



That's right, since 1907 the Plaza Cinema has been playing (or projecting) motion pictures. Just imagine 100 years ago, a person kind of like you (would be very old now) was sitting in this same theater, watching a motion picture on the big screen! That's magical, that's why we love it here, and that's why we want you to love it too. Be our guest at the Plaza Cinema and discover the historical magic of movies, watch a new release, or watch a film from the past–you could even do all three.Our Movie Memorabilia Museum has new and exciting exhibits all the time–from Elvis's hair to real costumes worn in big motion pictures! Trust me, it's cool.


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    2000- 2005   Richard Dimoush
    2005 -2014   Ted & Rita Madl 
  2. 2014 - Present    Scott Zaremba


Come by and visit with Peggy Armstrong Resident Historian & Tour Guide & Manager